Basket Lighting {cage lighting}

Back in November of 2009, I predicted (in this post) that basket and cage lighting would be a hot up-and-coming trend.  What I didn’t predict is that I would be obsessed with it!  I just adore the look of these lights and I think you might to.  So let’s take a tour of my inspiration file….
First up is this birdcage inspired chandelier! After I pinned this on Pinterest five other people immediately repinned it.  I think a lot of us like it!
The Designer Insider


This cage light can be found on etsy along with a bunch of other very cool industrial looking pendants.  I still like the look of these with an edison lightbulb and her prices are much more affordable than other comparable options.

I found this pendant in an online wholesale catalog and I love the beachy vibe it gives off.  It reminds me of a clam basket.  Two of these hanging over a white kitchen bar would be fabulous!

Speaking of kitchen lighting, oh how I would LOVE this chandelier for my kitchen!  Too bad this chandelier comes with a $300 price tag :(. If you have any home improvement tips on how to create this beauty, feel free to send them my way!


And these basket lights add a fabulous texture to this all-white kitchen.

This kitchen light reminds me a bit of my own…only much, much better!

Design Sponge

Doesn’t this light have a bee-hive vibe to it.  This eating area is dreamy…the wood ceiling, the bench seating, the mirror? window?  It’s gorgeous.

Atlanta Homes Magazine

What I love about basket/cage lighting is that it can look modern, country, industrial, transitional, etc. depending on how it’s done.  This is a DIY birdcage light that is very shabby chic.

Design Squish

I have long admired these pendants from Serena and Lilly.  I think they are such fab compliments to the fish quilts!  When I redo my boys’ bedroom, I would love to incorporate this look.

Serena and Lily
And here is a DIY version of a basket chandy.  This would look cute in a country cottage!


This outdoor version of a basket chandelier is very DIY friendly!  Sigh.  Oh Spring and Summer, when will we enjoy you again?

This concludes the tour of my basket/cage light inspiration file!  I hope you enjoyed it.

If you want some DIY tutorials on how to make your own basket lighting you can check out this tutorial from Under the Sycamore (click on the pic).

Under the Sycamore

And of course you can follow my tutorial as well!


Now go forth and basket light!
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  1. Janell @ Isabella and Max says

    Wow, what a fun post to look at, to be honest I've never given these fixtures a whole lot of thought, but love them!

  2. Pam says

    I love so many of those fixtures, but especially the first one! Thanks for sharing.

    Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement

  3. JHill says

    Hmmm… I think I saw all the making for that outdoor chandelier at the Dollar Tree the last time I was there. Might have to make a run out there tomorrow!

  4. Hidden Sisters says

    Love this look too. You are so right about just how versatile it is. I love how delicately industrial these fixtures can be. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Reginia says

    Love love this! I adore basket lighting and have been on the lookout for some unusual baskets lately. Great post :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. The enchanted home says

    Nice roundup of are right, this is a big trend. I realized it especially when we went to the maison and objet show in Paris, they were everywhere..and of course looked smashing in all the prettiest displays. I happen to like them for the right room, really cozy and modern looking.

  7. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says

    I've lived in my house for two years now and for two years, I've wanted to do a basket pendant light in my half bath (similar to the style in the photo of the white kitchen). Have I gotten around to it yet? Nope. 😉 I will someday, I guess.

    I love that outdoor design! That looks pretty easy to do.

  8. Leen says

    I didn't think that I would ever like basket lights but I DO, I DO like them!

    and I will put them here, and there, say, I will put them everywhere!

  9. Annalea says

    My favorite is definitely the one made from a board. It wouldn't even be too difficult to knock off, as wiring up bulb sockets is super-simple, and an old board and thick manilla rope are easy to come by. The electrical parts could be purchased easily enough in the lamp section of a home improvement store, and there are plenty of how-to sites on wiring a lamp.

    I'll be you could knock that fixture off for less than $100. Easy. Maybe even $50 . . .

  10. Pattie says

    So very cute my Aunt in Italy has one for years, They live in a farm house, I have always told her that I want it when she is done with it… But I think that's not going to happen.


  11. Lemonade Makin' Mama says

    Okay first of all, I've missed popping in to see you because I've been in a haze of boxes and bubble wrap… but second of all, HOW DID YOU know I needed a post on hanging light fixures? I'm trying to find the right one for our new house because the current owners are taking a chandelier in the kitchen and I need to replace it with something! Pronto!

  12. Travis Sadi and Taiya says

    I would love love love to know the soure of the 5 basket chandelier. I would love even more to know how to make it… any one attempt it, let me know. I'm just not sure where the wiring is since it is hung by rope???

  13. Its So Very Cheri says


    I am doing a lighting post today and in my search I found this post and so I am linking over to you.


  14. Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo says

    Can someone spare us all the sleepless nights and tell us who sells the $300 chandelier?! Its killing me….hahaha

  15. says

    Totally agree with the versatile nature of this cage/basket chandeliers, they can be placed anywhere in any home style. The $300 kitchen chandelier above can be done easily, don’t you agree? It can even have some artificial vines to complete the look.

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