Trend Alert: Navy & Orange

Okay, in all fairness I can’t really call navy and orange a “trend”. If you know anything about color theory (or if you remember blending paints in elementary art class), then you know that navy and orange are complementary colors. Complementary pairs are opposites on the color wheel and they really pop when they come together….sort of like me and my husband :).

Recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with navy and orange. It doesn’t really go well with my interior color scheme, so instead I thought it would be fun to incorporate the colors into my wardrobe. Today I’d hoped to show you an adorable springy navy-and-orange outfit I DIY’ed. This DIY project involved dying a shirt navy blue and refreshing an old belt in orange. Well…it didn’t exactly go according to plan and my shirt is now partially purple. Still cute. Sort of what I thought might happen based on the label instructions, but not what I’d hoped! So instead let’s look at my secret stash of navy and blue eye candy together shall we?

This nursery is by Sarah Richardson and I think the wallpapered ceiling and curtains are fantastic.

sarah richardson nursery

Sarah Richardson

You’ll notice in many of the pictures I chose there are luscious graphic patterns all playfully working together. If you have white walls in your home, bold graphic patterns in complementary colors is a great way to go!

navy orange

Martha Stewart

Aren’t the pillows and urns just perfect against the white walls? I love how everything pops so vibrantly.

navy orange

Style at

This “chevron rug” is actually a bunch of carpet tiles. I’m not sure if I would find the orange stacks of boxes under the side table incredibly practical, but what a fantastically cheap option for a bold accessory with a big impact!

navy orange


Again, I am loving the contrast of the white tray ceiling, drapes, and couches against the bold navy wallpaper and zigzag rug.

navy orange

Diane Bergeron

The combination of fabrics on these throw pillows from 6th Steet Design makes me feel happy :).

navy orange

6th Street Design School

I am considering refreshing my boys’ room sometime in the near future and would love to incorporate navy and orange bedding. It’s masculine and yet still very fresh, young, and fun!

navy orange


The image below is not what I typically consider to be my style, and yet, here I sit loving everything about it! Uh oh, is my style changing  on me?

navy orange

House Beautiful

This bedroom is my least favorite navy and orange combo of the bunch, but I appreciate the boldness of blending the traditional wallpaper and headboard with modern touches.

navy orange


And here is one of my favorite images of the bunch! The addition of brown to the mix is fantastic. Doesn’t this combination look amazing up agains the pallet/wood wall?

navy orange

Thomas Paul Bedding via Design Sponge

And we’ll conclude our tour with this non-traditional baby shower found via Hostess. I would be terrified to have my white chairs outside on the lawn around little kids and food, but wow, it sure does look fantastic!

navy orange


Perhaps with Pantone’s Tangerine Tango taking center stage this year it’s no wonder that we are also seeing more navy. Have you noticed the navy and orange color trend popping up around you? What do you think? Like it enough to try it in your own home? Like it enough to dye your own shirt and spray paint a belt? LOL! No, I guess that’s just me.

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  1. says

    I love this color combo! I’m using turquoise and orange for my nursery and I like how that is coming together, too! Only 5 weeks till our little one comes, so I’m really hoping to pull it all together before he/she arrives! Sorry your DIY project didn’t turn out like you’d hoped, but thanks for your honesty about it.

  2. says

    I am wearing a navy, white and orangey/coral striped skirt with a navy and white polka dot shirt that came with an orange flower today. I am loving navy and the more coral color together, it’s my favorite right now! I love that you tried dyeing a shirt navy and painting your belt orange, A for effort, right?

    • Beth @A to Z says

      LOL! I guess :). I couldn’t find a navy shirt that I really liked so I actually BOUGHT a shirt in taupe and tried to dye it navy. Same with the skinny belt. I wanted a burnt orange and not bright orange. I think I needed to just look around a bit more.

  3. says

    My sons room is currently a dusty blue and orange. We are moving into a new home and I am switching out the dusty blue for navy in his new room. I am also going to add in some gray. I guess you could say I am totally into this “trend”! Thanks for the lovely inspiration images!

  4. says

    Love your post…I have loved the orange and blue combination for many years! I’m an Auburn fan so I wear orange and blue a lot and find lots of cute clothing for sporting events!
    My son wants an Auburn room…I will definitely be using some of these ideas when we decorate.
    Check out my friend’s blog…she just remodeled a house to rent out during football season and it’s called the Orange and Blue and the blog is specifically for her house. It’s really fabulous!

  5. says

    Do I get points for the pumpkin puree my son is wearing on his navy pjs?

    I was thinking about you this morning and had to come by and say hello.

    I also have a new house to decorate so I may hang around a bit for some inspiration. Hope you are well!

  6. says

    I painted my living room walls navy last summer. I have a vaulted ceiling so one wall is 18′ tall! I was really worried it’d be cave like but it’s not and I LOVE it! I switch out the accent colors in pillows, flowers, and pictures from pink, yellow, gray, aqua, greens, and now I’m going to have to do orange! Great inspiration! Thanks Beth!

  7. Michelle says

    I ADORE this look but can’t figure out how to make it work with 2 little kids and a dog! The white furniture wouldn’t stand a chance, and not sure I want to commit to buying a navy sofa. Any tips?

  8. kelly says

    love orange and navy! west elm has the cutest navy and white striped duvet, would be so cute with orange pillows!
    when you scroll down on your blog there is a blue box on the R that says share that keeps moving down as you read, is there a way to make that stop while your reading, it’s distracting?

  9. Tammy says

    I’ve been a fan of orange and navy for over 30 years; after all, they’re the colors of the best school in the country. GO HOOS!

  10. says

    Totally have seen the navy and orange. I am actually working on our powder room this weekend – navy walls, white wainscoting, grey and white striped towels with pops of coral. Can’t wait for it to all pull together!

  11. Giovanna says

    remember the second Disney Dalmatian movie: have not watched it in a while, but I remember loving the color combo in the bedroom: soft blue and orange!

  12. says

    Thats too funny that you posted the “Navy & Orange” craze because I’ve been thinking about ways to add these colors into our home for a while now. I’m slowly incorporating navy into our living room and I’m loving it. These colors really compliment each other so well. Great post!

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