Boys Bedroom Reveal

I have been so busy showing my boys’ bedroom project-by-project that I forgot to show you the entire space! Let’s tour the room in its entirety, shall we? In the picture below, you can see how it looked in 2009 when I revealed the Raingutter Bookshelves with Beadboard Wallpaper and how it looks today. Aw, look at how my babies have grown in the last three years! In case you’re inspired by the transformation, I’ve included a source list at the end of the post for your convenience. I’ve also included links to all of the tutorials for the many do-it-yourself projects that went into the making of this room. Enjoy!

boys bedroom

boys bedroom

boys bedroom


vintage letter blocks

boys bedroom

painted expedit bins

two tone dresser

moon in my room

periodic table art

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  1. Kathy :) says

    Hi Beth,

    Adorable…….love the color combo……….great ideas as always……..hope you and your sweet family are all well :)

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  2. says

    Amazing room Beth! I love that you decorated it with your boys in mind and with items that your boys love and use. I remember when you posted the ‘before’ room in 2009, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years!

  3. says

    Beth, I loved the first version and I love this one too – the navy, yellow and white color scheme is so fresh and I’m sure your boy adore their room!!

    • Beth says

      Thank you! They love it :). It was a challenge to incorporate all of their “design plan” ideas into the room, but I think we came up with a space that everyone is happy with!

  4. says

    Love it, love it, love it!! I’m so glad to see it in its entirety!! I’ll bet they just love playing/sleeping in there now. I wonder if they’ll mind if Aunt Chris comes over for a sleepover! 😉

  5. says

    What a great room for two little guys! I love the color scheme which can totally grow with them for years to come. My favorite element are the two-tone dressers – they are gorgeous!

  6. says

    (visiting via FunkyJunkInteriors on Pinterest) LOVE this! All girls here (3) at , but I’m quite inspired by what you’ve done for your boys!! LOVE the gutter shelving at their level!! The letter shelves… BRILLIANT!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  7. says

    Wow! You did a great job!! You are clearly very talented. I especially love the dresser! Love that you chose to leave the drawers and paint just the dresser white. Everyone paints everything white…which I totally love!! :) And I have had my white paint out lots lately, but I love this twist!! I also love the great big letters on the wall!! I will be checking out your blog lots to see what you are up to!!

    Blessings – Sara

  8. Anne Boykin says

    This is the cutest boys’ room I have ever seen! Great job with all the details. I love the shelf around the room too.

  9. says

    Love this room Beth! We have such similar tastes, seriously. So many of the things in this room are things I’ve considered doing…but I especially love the dressers and the A and Z shelves. I have the corbel bookends in my house haha! We even used the same font for our watermark. Great minds think alike!

  10. says

    Beth, The room is simply stunning! The patterns and colors are so fun and classy. I have two boys myself and truly appreciate the inspiration. Well designed boys rooms are rare. Yours is one of my favorite of all time!

    • Beth says

      What sweet words to leave me Jackie! Thank you! And I agree, well decorated boys’ rooms seem few and far between. Although, I must say that they are definitely on the rise. I’ve seen so many inspiring ones this year!

  11. says

    Beth, I think this is one of the most perfect boys bedroom I have ever seen. The blues and yellows are so warm yet lively. There is nothing about this room that I don’t love! I also can’t get over how big the boys are! Those ate some lucky little guys to have a mommy like you!

  12. says

    This is absolutely Fabulous! I am loving the colors and well….just everything. I could use your skills for my boy rooms…..Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Wendy says

    The room looks wonderful, Beth ! I love the blues you used and the boats ! (the blocks look familiar :) I’m sure its a place of adventure within and without !

  14. Rachel says

    I am in the process of doing a shared room for my 2 sons. I love this! Thanks for the inspiration. Those shelves are so cool! I know you are amazing and where able to make them. Do you know anyone or anywhere where I could buy something like these?

    • Beth says

      Hi Rachel, the shelves are made out of raingutters. I don’t know anyone who sells shelves like this, but I’m sure you could hire a carpenter to construct them for you. Although that would be a shame because they seriously cost like $20 total!

    • Beth says

      I bought the beds several years ago on ebay by searching walnut bunk beds. They are actually bunks that just aren’t stacked right now. They are solid wood but were very inexpensive—less than $250.

  15. says

    Girl – you knocked it out of the park! The bookshelf letters and the furniture makeovers are my favorite parts – but the whole room is just perfect – fun, youthful – with lots of room to grow.

  16. says

    Hello Beth, I am very glad I came over here after seeing Hooked on Houses. I see many more fun elements of this room, and a lot more of the architectural and design sophistication that went into it. I really love the texture and history of the exposed brick wall. When I was a kid, a wall like that would have unleashed gales of imagination.
    –Road to Parnassus

  17. says

    I read some of the negative comments on the other blog that featured you, and I completely disagree! I think you made a wonderful room for your boys. So many of the “designer” kids bedrooms look like an adult room with a smaller bed, and many other kid bedrooms are over themed or look like the kids wll outgrow it in a week (like my oops of painting trains on my boys walls, they don’t care for Thomas any more!) I love the rain gutter shelves, I’ve never seen them used like that before, and it’s a wonderful idea. The letter shelving, the colors, the fun but not crazy patterns, love it all!

    • Beth says

      Who knew a simple before and after pic of my boys’ room could cause such heated words, eh? Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave me a comment of encouragement. My boys love their new bedroom and it was a labor of love for them.

  18. Screendoorgirl 3 says

    Wow! Great job, Beth. I love that you kept the beds the same. I still have the 2 beds from my husband’s childhood room. One was painted white for my daughter over the years. I dream of using them for a someday guest room. So cozy– enjoy your boys every minute! Julia (hookedonhouses) led me here. Thanks for sharing.

  19. says

    Beautiful job! Years ago (10 to be exact), I was trying for this exact same shade in my son’s room. Except it went just a tinge of turquoise bright. Sort of your blue but brighter. I never liked it. You got it exactly right. I straightened out my son’s room by painting it white during a remodel earlier this year. He preferred the blue but was ultimately indifferent (he is 14 and indifferent to most of what I do now adays).

  20. Maureen says

    Love the new room. Thanks for sharing the name of the color, too. I’m going for a combination of the old/new room colors. Do you mind sharing what the name of the tan, too? Thanks!

  21. Mrs. S says

    I love both versions of the room. My son is 3 and wild about Dinosaurs and I was wondering where you bought the dinosaur bed spread from the 2009 room. Or maybe if you remember the brand because I am sure I would have to look online.

  22. Kristi says

    I love this room! I have been looking all over for a twin size bed that my three and a half year old son can use into his teens, where did you get yours if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Beth says

      Hi Kristi, I bought the bunk beds off of ebay about 7 years ago. I’ve seen some similar ones on there though so look around. Good luck!

  23. says

    Is that seagrass wall to wall carpeting in their room. I love it’s look and low profile but fear its rough texture for a children’s space. In a smaller room with a nice area rug, maybe its a non-issue.

    Let me know!

    • Beth says

      Hi Meg, It’s a carpet that mimics a sisal look put it’s not actually sisal. It feels just as soft as a tight berber feels.

  24. Kelly says

    Love love love this room! What a fabulous room for two little boys. I must ask how the rug is holding up? Is it soft? Is the white part raised? I’m thinking about purchasing for my little ones playroom but a little hesitant. Thank you!!

    • Beth says

      It’s held up beautifully. I wouldn’t put it in a high traffic area where it would be nicked but I have it in my half-bath and boys’ bedroom with no problems.

  25. Tarah says

    Hi Beth, I love the bedding and wall color! I have to ask where you bought the beds? I have been looking everywhere for these exact beds ( I want the wooden safety rails

    • Beth says

      I found them nearly a decade ago on ebay. They are bunk beds that are just un-bunked at the moment.

    • Beth says

      Thank you! They were purchased a decade ago off of ebay and they are bunk beds. I just have them unbunked now.


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