Christmas Kitchen

Welcome to my Christmas kitchen! My kitchen reveal has been long overdue! As a #LowesCreator blogger, I was given a Lowes gift card back in August to help me spruce up my kitchen. I used the gift card as incentive to finally paint my kitchen cabinets white, replace the light fixtures, and update the faucet. I actually had a pretty gooseneck faucet in oil-rubbed bronze but it wasn’t a high quality fixture and the finish was peeling. So today I am going to show you my Christmas kitchen! To show you just how far this room has come take a look at the very original before and after. Yowza that red was bright!

kitchen before and after

Aaaaaahhhh. The after is so much more peaceful! My granite is black uba tuba but with the red walls it looked green. I can’t blame a previous owner for the “before”—that was all me. I designed our kitchen both times around and chose every single detail down to the knobs. It’s fun to see how much my taste has changed in five years!

green apples

I hired Alterwood Fine Furnishings to paint my cabinets. It still took a month for them to complete the job, but I am thrilled with the finish on the cabinets. They are factory-quality smooth and honestly way better than I could have accomplished on my own. The cabinets were primed with two coats of Zinnser Bin Primer and topped with a coat of Benjamin Moore Impervo in White Dove.  I left a few cabinet doors off to give the kitchen a more cottage feel.

christmas kitchen

christmas kitchen

Here is a picture of the opposite side of the kitchen. I couldn’t resist decorating my refrigerator for Christmas :).

christmas kitchen

My globe Allen & Roth light fixtures from Lowes are so fun and add charm.
christmas kitchen

I would have loved to add a farmhouse sink, but my new faucet is almost making up for not being able to afford it!

christmas kitchen

Some of you might remember the wood stools painted white that used to be in my kitchen. I loved my stools but they were just too bulky for our space. As you can see, our kitchen table butts right up to the bar. The new stools allow all four of us to sit and can be stacked and stored when entertaining. I also love the modern touch they add to my traditional home!

christmas kitchen

Here is another shot of my lighting. The mason jar chandelier is just a previous light fixture that I DIY’ed with mason jars. You can read about it in the link above. The Allen & Roth cage pendant light in the background is also a Lowes purchase. Isn’t it fun?


Here is one last shot of the entire kitchen! I love it!

christmas kitchen
And for your convenience, here is a source list for you :). Thanks for being so patient for the reveal! I actually have one more thing to add in here and will be showing you that update soon!!
kitchen source list
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  1. says

    It’s beautiful Beth! I love it. It’s such a change! I painted our kitchen terracotta orange when we first moved in.. Whoa, how things have changed since then. :) I love watching bloggers styles change and evolve.

    Anyway, it’s Gorg! And the Christmas touches are perfect.


  2. says

    gorgeous beth!

    it really is amazing to see what we liked 5 years ago! my tastes now are so different, and heck 5 years isn’t that long to be such an extreme opposite in the way i am now on some of my tastes! your kitchen is so fresh & crisp with the white. just beautiful!


  3. says

    Beth; Your makeover is spectacular!!! I especially love the added burlap bow on the refrigerator. The Allen & Roth fixtures and faucet are perfect. I also adore your wreaths and accents of burlap against the fresh white finishes.
    PS. Came over from Google+

  4. says

    Wow…It is gorgeous white! It is amazing how bright it makes it feel! I can’t wait to change my kitchen, painting the cabinets had been on my list for years! The problem is once I start the painting, I know I’ll need to change the counter tops, appliances & more! I just LOVE your decorating style, your whole house looks beautiful!!

  5. says

    It looks so much more fresh now, you ‘ve done a great job! What impressed me is how the color of an object can change depending on what is next to it. As far as it concerns tastes, when I look 20 years back I see that I was much more conservative then than now in my 40s.

  6. says

    I found you via twitter and am so excited to visit your beautiful kitchen remodel!!! It never ceases to amaze me what paint can do to a room. It is completely gorgeous…magazine worthy! Love your inspiring 5 year evolution! 😉

  7. says

    What a transformation! I know what you mean loving reds and warm colors about 5 years ago b/c I was the same way! I love the cabinets white and the lighting decor you picked is perfect. I think your black countertops, white cabinets and open shelving are beautiful together. I’m sure you love coming into your kitchen now for that morning cup of coffee :) Oh, and I almost bought similar stools on overstock. Love the industrial touch they add. I’ll pin later tonight.

    • Beth says

      I was early on the red & gold bandwagon. I started in about 1999 when I was married and didn’t drop it when we moved here 5 yrs ago even though I was totally over it. I was trying to save money. Ha! Biggest mistake I made was trying to make everything we had work in this new home. But it certainly makes for a better before picture :)!

  8. Jessica J says

    I just got the same barstools as an early Christmas present from my husband. I love them so much. They are a huge space saver for us. Your kitchen is beautiful!!

    • Beth says

      Aren’t they affordable too? I thought they’d be pricier so was relieved to see the pricetag. Good early Christmas present! Enjoy and thanks for visiting Jessica :).

  9. Kathy Roberts says

    I LOVE what you did. It is exactly what I want to do. Thank you so much for instructions on what you did and where you went, that will be so helpful. Your new kitchen is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Only 1 question: Why are things numbered?

  10. says

    Wow! I love your kitchen, it looks so pretty!! I especially like the lights from Lowes above the counter. We recently remodeled our kitchen and put up ugly lighting, knowing we were going to change them when we found something we liked. I saw yours at Lowes and wasn’t sure how they would look. They look fantastic! I think I will change them now!!

    Please have a look at our remodel…

    I love following your blog… :)

    ~ Darlene

    • Beth says

      Darlene it is gorgeous! And yes, I think those lights will look perfect in your kitchen. I especially love the beadboard on sides of all your cabinets. I might need to add that to mine :). Also, you have the same stools that were previously in my kitchen. I kind of miss them.

  11. says

    Oh, I just love it! I am getting ready to paint my white kitchen cabinets and red wall kitchen into something more like yours with gray walls. I am tiling my backspash with white subway tiles, but I am taking off that black part of the backspash that you left on so it makes the backsplash look longer and doesn’t visually cut the look. You have given me great inspiration. Beautiful!

    • Beth says

      Great idea Terry! Before we put up our stone backsplash I had wanted to do the same thing but good golly they cemented that baby to the wall! I got off one piece and my wall was in shreds so needless to say it stayed :). I adore white subway tiles so no doubt your kitchen will look amazing!!

  12. Marnie says

    Wow…great transformation. I love so many things but your mixture of light fixture caught my eye, we recently remodeled our kitchen and used the Allen & Roth bronze pendants from Lowe’s that look like mason jars but can’t find a good pendant light for over the sink.

  13. says

    The kitchen looks fantastic Beth!! I love every element. I am a sucker for a light/white kitchen. Every time :)
    You’ll love the paint. We used that at the last house and it wears really, really well. We did Jade Mist. It was so pretty. It wipes down really well.

    Enjoy you fabulous new kitchen for the holidays!

  14. says

    WOW this is amazing! I think kitchens are one of my favorite things to see painted, doesn’t even look like the same space, stunning and fabulous!

    • Beth says

      Nope you didn’t miss it. I forgot to share it. It’s Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. I have it in my dining room as well and love it. It’s a very soft gray/blue.

  15. says

    Wow. What a transformation. Looks like a completely different space. Love the new lighting and the open cabinets. Perfect touch. Like how you moved the EAT sign, what a perfect HOME for it!

  16. says

    I like the “new” kitchen so much better! I just love my white cupboards and was so lucky to fall in love with a home with them already here. I know you’ll love your kitchen for years to come…such a classic look.


  17. says

    I’m exactly where you are – similar everything in my kitchen (dark cabinets, uba tuba granite…) and am slowly taking the industrial cottage path. I love everything you did – thanks for the inspiration!

  18. says

    Love this Beth! Love how you tied the bow on your fridge – love that ribbon – I don’t think our store has that.

    Your kitchen is amazing! So much brighter and looks bigger too! Isn’t it amazing how our styles change? I am ready to start redoing rooms I have already done 😉

  19. Lori-Anne says

    A friend pinned your makeover on Pinterest – it’s beautiful. I’m sure it was worth the wait! I love your backsplash. It looks like rocks. Where did you find them?

    Thanks & Merry Christmas!


  20. Jenny says

    Hi Beth, I just found your blog while browsing and love your new Christmas kitchen! Can you tell me about those lovely bowls with the birds!? They are so pretty!!! Merry Christmas and keep the lovely posts coming!,,

  21. says

    It looks fantastic! And it’s a breath of fresh air to hear that you hired someone to paint the cabinets. I’m dying to paint my own cabinets white, but just can’t seem to muster the courage/patience to do it myself. So I’m glad to know there’s someone else in the same boat!!

  22. says

    Hey, girl! As usual, I’m behind on checking out great reveals. Love, love your new kitchen, it looks SO much brighter and airier and I know you love it too. Gorgeous touches, the new lights, painted cabinets, all of it is spot on. I know you are thrilled!! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  23. says

    Hi Beth, I’m a new follower and have just looked through many posts and tutorials of yours…love your beautiful site! We just purchased a 44 year old house and it hasn’t been decorated in…44 years! The kitchen floor was orange, green and yellow vinyl stones about 3 feet each…not a pretty sight. So I have been painting and I covered that hideous floor (vinyl tiles for now), etc. Not much decor has gone up needless to say and then Christmas came, so down it all went! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, your home is BEAUTIFUL and it gives me hope!!
    Holiday Hugs,

  24. Tanya says

    Hi Beth… love the kitchen…following you on pinterest always such great ideas…
    I was wondering if you coulf tell me where I could find the milk crates you have on your shelf
    The ones with cornwall england stamped on them… Thanks!

  25. Amber says

    Hello! I have been pricing out having a professional paint my kitchen cabinets. Do u mind me asking how much ur professional painter charged u?

    • Beth says

      Not at all. Prices vary GREATLY depending on your location, size of kitchen, and paint you & your painter decide to use. I have over 40 door/drawer fronts in my kitchen and wanted Benjamin Moore paint to be used. My cabinets cost $2000 to have professionally sprayed. I have another blogger friend who lives in Utah and only paid $1200 to have hers sprayed.

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