Mustard {mustard trend in fashion and home}

For today’s Fashion Friday, I thought it would be fun to explore the “mustard trend” in both fashion and home decor. Ever notice how the two go hand in hand? Love it or hate it, there is no denying that the resurgence of 70’s fashion has brought mustard back into the limelight. For those craving a pop of color in their wardrobe or home, it’s the perfect color for the job.

**Note: I did my absolute best to track down the original source for each picture. Click on the picture to be taken to source.**


via Dust Jacket







Anthro UK





Can’t help myself from commenting on the pic below. This entire ensemble is adorable. Even her mug looks great!


Glitter Guide

Etsy: Sunshine & Carousels

This scarf isn’t on the website any longer. I went to go buy it and couldn’t find it. Adorable!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

We’ll transition now from fashion to home with a picture that incorporates both.


via Nesteg

Anthropologie Chesterfield Sofa

I wouldn’t normally think that I would like mustard colored cabinets, but paired with the white subway tile, black appliances, and farmhouse table they work.

House & Home

I love this door! If you’re craving a pop of color in your life, painting your front door something fun is the way to go.


The Art of Nothing


house to home


BHG via escapade

Etsy: Urban Fringe



Source: Uploaded by user via Mikel on Pinterest

I have this dwell fabric in blue and I love it.


And a little humor to end our collection :).



So what do you think? Are you a fan of mustard? Only on your hotdog? In your wardrobe? In your home? Talk to me!

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  1. tammy says

    funny, i just painted my one mustard piece duck egg! lol i’ve loved mustard for a long time, i think i’m just burned out on it!

  2. says

    This trend appeals to me because it reminds me of my parents’ kitchen appliances in the early 80s. LOL…

    I have embraced this trend in fashion {but with a few sweaters from Forever 21, because like all trendy pieces, I’m not breaking the bank}.

    I don’t think I would commit to a couch or cabinets in mustard, but a few accessories here and there…

  3. says

    I’m a fan! Love it in my wardrobe and in my home. Can’t wait to introduce some into the 1800s farmhouse we’re moving into NEXT WEEK?!?!?! :) Can you tell I’m excited??

  4. says

    I’m not gonna lie…it’s not one of my favorites. It’s great in small doses–scarf, accent pillows, etc. However, it’s pretty freaking fantastic in that toggle coat. Gah! Perhaps if it didn’t make me look like the walking dead, I would enjoy it more. Not too great with the ol’ pasty skin tones!

  5. Christine Aldinger says

    i have been a fan of mustard for many years i am surprised i don’t have it in my house in any room i may have to look into that!!! love the kitchen and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the clothes!!

  6. says

    Gah! As much as I love the photos you’ve featured here, I have to honestly say that mustard yellow is the one color that I just can’t do, in my wardrobe and in my home. I gives me that crawly feeling you get when something just feels ‘off’! But I am glad it is making other people happy! 😉

  7. Wendy Hunter says

    I love it mostly because I used mustard on burns a couple times w/bandaid,and it worked beautifully and took the pain away! :-) Maybe the color could do that since its a happy color; but I think putting w/blue works real well like the pic with girl w/blue jeans w/touch of red.

  8. Nicole says

    love it all. but can we get some links? I’d like to visit some of these sites, you only list the name and no link on many

  9. says

    oh girl…i get weak in the knees for mustard yellow.

    we just painted our front door mustard yellow, last month. (porch make-over in the works) and i do love to wear it! such a fun color to accessorize with as well.

    great post!


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