Master Bedroom Reveal

Our bedroom has been the one room in the house that I have struggled to get just right. I have decorated and redecorated this room at least six times over the last six years, and I have all the blog posts and (bad) pictures to prove it. Instead of continuing to try and work with what I have, I finally moved our bed frame into the guest bedroom and slowly started over. If it’s just not working for you even after you have changed it up six different times, it’s time to let it go! I pledged to get it right this time by going slow and holding out for what I really wanted. Slow decorating isn’t all that fun because you have to move at the pace of your budget. And for us that meant some major delayed gratification. I decided that I could only add on to the room as the budget allowed. It took a little over a year, but it’s finally complete! Yay! I still have curtains to sew and hang, but the fabric is ready to go so stay tuned for that post.

master bedroom comfort gray

I showed you how I created the plank wall in my DIY Plank Wall Tongue & Groove Tutorial. To finish the wall off, I primed it with Zinsser BIN Shellac Based Primer. I have learned (the hard way) over the years that if you are trying to cover wood with knots or wood that has been previously stained, then you need to prime with shellac in order to lock in the sap or bleed-through potential. This is an oil-based primer so use your cheaper brushes and save your Purdy’s for later! Once the primer was dry, I rolled on some Sherwin Williams ProClassic in semi-gloss. It’s my all-time favorite trim paint. It levels beautifully and doesn’t leave brush strokes. I used a small cabinet/door foam roller on my planks for more control and to prevent drips.

Styled nightstand

Directly across from my new plank wall is a brick wall leaving two walls to paint. I decided to use Valspar Signature paint in satin tinted in Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. You might remember my post on Gray Paint Color Ideas, Tips, and Examples where I talked about how to find the perfect shade of gray for your room. Comfort Gray was the winner!

sherwin williams comfort gray

Master bedroom white plank wall

Comfort Gray is a wonderful blue-green gray that I knew would work well in this room. As you can see, there are several shades of blue happening in my bedroom. I wanted a gray that would compliment them all without competing.

master bedroom makeover

Psssst. In case you are wondering what the opposite wall looks like, here it is below. Almost every room in my home has one accent wall of 100+ yr old brick. This wall is in pretty bad shape so it might be getting a white-wash treatment in the near future, but I’m still on the fence about it.

Nesting tables between chairs

And I’ll leave you with one last beauty shot of the bedroom with some deets on sources. The floral bedding and Euro shams were purchased last spring from Pottery Barn. I forget what the pattern is called and they don’t appear to carry it any longer. I’ll have more details on the white bedding (with a fun giveaway) in an upcoming post! Woohoo! The bed and mirror are from Joss & Main. The lamps and nightstands are from Kirklands. The hardwood floors were installed over the summer and purchased from Lumber Liquidators. The flokati rug is from RugsUSA. The Pottery Barn knock-off chandelier was a DIY from eons ago. The materials for the plank wall, trim/moulding, and paint were courtesy of Lowe’s.

diy plank wall bedroom

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my updated bedroom! And thanks to Lowes for supplying some of the tools I needed to make my vision a reality

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Disclosure: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this challenge. As always, all ideas and opinions are my own.

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    • Beth says

      The flokati feels amazing underfoot and I like your snow angel idea :). Ha! And yes, I’m pretty passionate about old brick and I adore my brick walls. But I’ll have to post a full-body (er…wall) shot of this wall so you can see what I mean. The brick is really discolored and orangey in places. It has a lot of water damage from previous abuse and isn’t as pretty as the other brick walls in my home (which I’d never paint over). I’m still deliberating over it though.

  1. says

    It looks beautiful, Beth! It’s been fun to watch the evolution of your bedroom over the years. Each iteration has been pretty, but I know that sometimes you have to change things to make them really work for you. I’d say you’ve hit on a winner now! Hope you enjoy many sweet dreams in this room.

    • Beth says

      Thanks Richella! You’ve probably seen all six versions over the years :). This is by far my favorite so far. We’re enjoying having a sitting area and king-sized bed. It makes the bedroom a true retreat.

  2. says

    Gorgeous!! It’s like you read my mind though. I have painted our bedroom 4 times in the last two years, and still hated it. Last week I painted it Comfort Gray (mixed at Lowes). I have wanted to do a plank wall behind the bed for awhile now too!
    I need to sell our wood bed frame (I have always hated it) and make a headboard.
    Seriously, I cannot get over how close to my ideas your room is! I had been doubting myself, but I must press on now!!

  3. says

    It is stunning Beth- amazing job. I love the different walls you have- with the planks behind the bed and the brick on the other side of the room. The room itself has so much character and you have dressed it beautifully. We just planked the wall in our sons’ shared bedroom- I love the look of the planks as a backdrop to beds!!

  4. says

    This room is gorgeous! I love the soft colors in contrast with the brick wall. Those chairs are divine and so is the floofy rug. I’m in the middle of a budget restricted bedroom re-do myself and it is torture to wait, but you gotta do do it however you can afford it, right? It will be so worth it in the end, as I’m sure you can attest. Enjoy!!

  5. says

    This is – hands down – one of the most beautiful bedrooms I’ve ever seen. I LOVE your bedding and this colour scheme is just my style. I personally love the brick wall and I think it would look great if you decide to leave it!

  6. says

    Beth, your room is stunning. It looks so relaxing and I love all of the textures. I know what you mean about delayed gratification due to working on the timeline of your budget. I’ve been working on my living and dining room for a very long time. But I too, have learned the hard way that holding out for what you really want is so worth it. This room is proof of that for sure. My husband would thank you for reminding me of that…hahaha. Hope you are having a lovely week so far.

  7. says

    I think you got it!
    I love everything about this room…the planked wall..the headboard…the chandelier…
    it looks like heaven!!!
    Bright airy & relaxing…a dreamy bedroom!

    • Beth says

      Thanks! The floral bedding is from Pottery Barn. They don’t seem to carry it any longer and I can’t remember the name.

  8. Robin says

    This is fab! You’ve inspired me to whip our master bedroom into shape! I know you said PB no longer carries the floral bedding, but would you mind telling me if it’s a duvet or just a comforter?

  9. Rose says

    I just am stopping by and wanted to say, it is gorgeous room. Love the color, and the LIGHTING! Especially the chandelier and the hanging sconces on the brick wall. Love the sitting area too…. so inviting. And i put my vote in for keeping the brick wall, even if it isn’t perfect it has so much history. But I have a question about storage, do you have only one dresser in your room? How about closets?

    • Beth says

      Thanks Rose! Yes, I don’t like a lot of furniture in our bedroom so I only have one dresser in the room. All of the dressing takes place in our walk-in closet. We have a walk-in closet as well a very large linen closet right outside the bedroom door.

  10. Rose says

    Thanks for the quick reply. The walk in closet explains a lot.
    I have been wandering around your site and have to I love your powder room redo too! As soon as I figure out how to, I am going to pin those ideas.

  11. Kathleen says

    Your room looks very comfortable and cozy ! I really like the planked wall, that is something I have been contemplating for my own bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Tracy says

    How is the quality of the bed? It’s beautiful! I’m looking to buy a bed, that is sturdy and will last, since they are so pricey. We have an ikea bed right now and it is horrible and falling apart! Thanks!

    • Beth says

      I really like it. We bought it off of Joss & Main and it’s just a headboard with the bedsides and your mattress goes on a metal frame. It was a little tricky to put together and on one side of the bed the upholstered pieces don’t line up perfectly. You don’t notice it at all when the bed is made but when it’s stripped down to a bare mattress you can tell. Not a big deal but I think one of the pieces arrived warped.

  13. says

    Oh my goodness … the whole room is gorgeous. Your plank wall tutorial is great, too. I never imagined it could be a one woman job! And the brick wall is a feature I would love to have. We vacationed in Germany last summer and stayed at an apartment in Berlin via AirBNB. The master bedoom had an old brick wall which I swooned over. Gives a room so much character!

  14. Clorinda says

    Hi, I love how beautiful your room came out! I was wondering if you used SW Comfort Gray on the Plank Wall as well? Thanks

  15. Karen McGuire says

    Wow, I love the plank wall – I am actually wanting to do this sort of thing w/unfinished hardwood and painting it w/oil based paint in our kitchen, but for flooring. I have tried to find a product to simply install, w/no success… and your references to what products to use will come in handy, if I do proceed. The comforter is also very beautiful and the wall color….. I have a bedroom color I found at Sherwin Williams called Lattice that is very similar (grayish to light blue) and consider doing most of the house in that color. Hope the bed has resolved most of yours and your husbands sleep issues.

  16. Patty says

    Do you remember if the bed was the Falifax Bed or possibly the Patricia Bed? Could you pretty please take a look at Joss and Main if you don’t remeber :))

  17. says

    On the serious, great job with this post. I’m heading to Lowe’s tomorrow (before the snow) to get me some planks. I spent all day trying to figure out what to do with this one wall in my TV room and I knew I wanted tongue and groove planks, and Lowe’s is the closest. Good detail and how-to pics. They sealed the deal for me on which direction to go. The blog post probably took just as much time as the wall, so your efforts on both are appreciated. :)

    All the best

  18. michele wood says

    Do you think those planks would work on a ceiling? I’m thinking I would use screws instead of nails.

    • Beth says

      Hi Michele, yes I think they would work on a ceiling. However, you would need to glue them wherever a board wasn’t secured to a joist. I guess it could be risky that some boards would buckle if not properly secured into the drywall.

  19. says

    LOVE this bedroom! The brick wall is awesome! We had one in our loft in Dallas and that wall was the most talked about feature in the building…LOL The paint color is soothing and calm and the furniture looks great. I have the same lamp and love it! I did change out the shade eventually, just to change things up a bit! Have a great one!

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